Introducing NEAR without the Noise

NEAR Without The Noise is a Community-Run Ecosystem initiative developed and supported by the NEAR Team and 4NTS Guild. Once a week on Thursday at 4pm CET time, 4NTS will host a 45min to 1 hour discussion with a person or project building on or involved in the NEAR Ecosystem.

These talks are meant to be informal and substantive. Community members are able to actively participate - ask questions, share their point of view, or passively listen as different speakers and topics catch-up with the community on where they are at, how their project is developing, what they have been focused on recently, and more. Talks might involve AMA’s, Product Demos, Workshops on Onboarding to a Particular App or simply a casual conversation.

The goal of these talks is to cut through the noise and deliver quality information and personal insight from the NEAR Ecosystem to the larger cryptocurrency community. Prepare to ask questions, hear about what is actually happening, and get an idea about what is in the pipeline across the NEAR Ecosystem!

🎉 First Launch

👉 Episode 1: The Future of Open Markets

with Peter and Victoria from FLUX Thursday October 22nd

📺 Where to Watch

👉 Join the event here on hopin!

🙌 Future Topics in the Pipeline Include: Dates TBD!

  • 🌈 The Rainbow Bridge in Context: Why Does It Matter?

  • ✅ Validating on NEAR: The Details For Token Holders and Validators with Dokia and Stardust

  • 🛠 What’s Building on NEAR?

  • ⚙️ Introducing GooGuild with Rune: Why Build on NEAR as a Dev Team?

  • 👀 NFT’s and their future on NEAR: With Mintbase and Nate Geier

  • 💻 Designing Web3: With The NEAR Design Guild and NEAR’s Jake Stutzman

  • 📊 NEAR Crypto-Economics Made Simple.

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Originally we kicked off as a one man project. As soon as the spread the word about NEAR Protocol, we decided to gather our strengths and form 4NTS Guild.


We believe NEAR is building something unique, and took the best of both worlds: combining best practices of centralized and decentralized businesses.


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