NEAR Post-Launch Update: October 2020

NEAR Mainnet launched just over 3 weeks ago. Since that time, the NEAR Ecosystem has been actively developing on multiple fronts with priorities spanning technical, community, and business development. Here is the 4NTS Guild, end of October Update on the most important initiatives happening in the NEAR Ecosystem since the launch of Mainnet:

In line with the infographic illustrated above, the NEAR team has launched mainnet at a time when a number of different initiatives continue to roll forward in the NEAR Ecosystem. Most importantly, these initiatives include:

1. Announcement of Balancer Building on NEAR: This is a huge business development milestone. Balancer is a seminal DeFi project on Ethereum that will now offer services to the NEAR Ecosystem. Programmable liquidity means that DeFi meets the usability and scalability benefits of NEAR protocol. It also, as recently written, is a sign of things to come for both NEAR and DeFi.

2. NEAR Without the Noise Launches: A community run series about people, communities, and projects building on NEAR, recently launched its first episode with Flux CEO and CTO’s Peter and Jasper. As an organic initiative for promoting entrepreneurial, crypto, and team development on NEAR, this initiative will continue every two weeks for the indefinite future as more teams and entrepreneurs are given space to share their projects with the NEAR community.

3. Technical Updates On NEAR Continue At Hyper-Speed: In the days following the launch of Mainnet, the NEAR team announced new updates to Staking (locked) tokens from the NEAR wallet, updates on creating accounts, and allowing community members and users the opportunity to create a wallet on NEAR.

In the coming month, more community opportunities, Guild outreach programs, and events focused on genuinely approaching the development of NEAR are already moving through the pipeline in preparation for launch! If you are an interested community member, possible Guild Lead, or team of developers looking to start building on the most usable and developer friendly platform in crypto—these next announcements are geared directly towards you!



Originally we kicked off as a one man project. As soon as the spread the word about NEAR Protocol, we decided to gather our strengths and form 4NTS Guild.


We believe NEAR is building something unique, and took the best of both worlds: combining best practices of centralized and decentralized businesses.


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