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Updated: Aug 31

NEAR Protocol is one of the most exciting up-and-coming public blockchain ecosystems for a number of reasons such as their careful focus on user-experience, and the well-thought-out crypto-economic design of the protocol. Moreover, NEAR Protocol has been designed with usability in mind, which is evident by the ease with which developers and entrepreneurs can quickly start building dApps or launch prototypes.

In the context of the emergence of the ‘Open Web’, there are also some exceptional opportunities for communities of passionate individuals to not only participate in the NEAR Ecosystem, but to do so in a collaborative and creative setting, where innovation is just around the corner.

Welcome To The Near Guild Program

Guilds of the Open Web

Historically, Guilds have been identified as creative hubs for skilled artisans and innovators who operate according to a common principle: that more can be achieved through working together with other like-minded individuals, than by oneself. This is the underlying sentiment that is at the very core of NEAR’s Guild program.

In context, a New and Open Web, built around concepts like ‘Free Expression’ and ‘Digital Inclusion’ is emerging on the horizon, and its very foundation is NEAR. The services, applications, and solutions that are blossoming are reminiscent of the first internet, except this time the underlying technology has been designed “by and for all its users, not select gatekeepers or governments”.

To create and run a Guild on NEAR Protocol is an opportunity to be a first-mover in this emerging market.

Your Guild is Yours: To Build, Sell, Create, Design, Inform, Publish, Converse, and Collaborate. Kick-start your own mission in the spirit of the Open Web and focus on topics and issues that you deem important!

Here’s Why This Matters

Joining or Creating a Guild on NEAR is the place to be…

  • If you are looking for a window of opportunity into the cutting edge of the future evolution of the internet.

  • If you are ready to learn about future business models, services, and solutions built upon a robust distributed computing infrastructure and based upon a modern cryptoeconomic design.

  • If you are ready to build the next generation of (decentralised) applications for your industry, and are looking for passionate collaborators, creatives, and conversants to share ideas, provide constructive feedback, or help code your vision into life.

  • If you want to learn and build practical skills about cryptocurrencies, the internet, the digitalization of services, and the future of finance.

  • If you are passionate about growing an open source Ecosystem that will interface with emerging technologies and provide new services that are borderless, privacy-conscious, and easily accessible to the public.

Consider Creating or Joining a NEAR Guild

The first industrial revolution was first and foremost sparked by an increase in dialogue amongst entrepreneurs and scientific experts interested in building new products, experimenting with innovative technology, and offering new services. The Fourth Industrial revolution is only revving up - and NEAR Guilds are the digital hubs for modern innovation and creativity that will support it.

Guild Boosts, Rolling Rewards and The League System

The NEAR protocol sets aside 10% of epoch rewards as a ‘Protocol Treasury’ for dApp support, community initiatives and bounties. Guilds are natural recipients of these rewards, so long as the services provided to the core network are valuable in expanding activities and services within the Ecosystem.

As a member of a Guild or a Guild Leader, there are three primary ways to earn rewards, while building a reputation for your services:

  1. Guild Boosts: Bounty-based activities that are proposed by the NEAR Foundation within a specific time frame. Remember, if there are many people in your Guild it’s possible to complete many bounties simultaneously!

  2. Rolling Rewards: Rolling rewards are rewards granted incrementally based upon the performance, contributions, and engagement of a Guild. In essence, they make sure that everyone who is passionate about their Guild, has a chance to benefit from their contribution in the Ecosystem!

  3. The League System: The League System is the digital arena in which Guilds can compete for ranking and status within the NEAR Ecosystem! One of the best parts about the League System is that there are reward pools for Guilds of all types. While more active and engaged Guilds will undoubtedly rank higher, this doesn’t necessarily mean that smaller Guilds can’t reach the Top 10, or that small Guilds can’t collaborate with top Guilds to share in their monthly rewards! The playing field is wide open!

Taken altogether, creating or joining a NEAR Guild provides opportunities and benefits that few (if any) other blockchain ecosystems can offer.

“Additional perks will work their way into the Guild Program over time. The goal of the program is to identify and reward communities who provide value to the ecosystem. Thus, incentives will be adjusted to make sure that’s the case.” - The NEAR Guild Program Announcement

Getting Started On Your Guild: What You Need to Know

First things first, the NEAR Guild Program is New - Very New. As such, there is plenty of room for a diversity of different NEAR Guilds (even in the same geographical areas)! While in principle, a Guild could be focused on any area of the Open Web, there are a couple of prime service opportunities that will prove especially valuable for the future growth and development of the NEAR Ecosystem.

Developer-Focused Guilds: Help founders and other Devs on their dApps, recruit Devs to build on NEAR, work on the Core NEAR infrastructure, and partake in Stake Wars!

  • Content-First Guilds: Conduct interviews with new founders and developers, Work to get Media Placements on exciting projects, and Create, Write, or Record Content about projects you believe in!

  • UI / UX Design Focused Guilds: Memes, infographics, UI/UX prototypes, slide decks, video and photo editing for the multiple dApps and projects that are emerging on the horizon!

  • Informative and Community Building Guilds: If you already have a network of experts, entrepreneurs, professors, and blockchain enthusiasts, you might want to create a Guild around sharing information and ideas, while also building a community.

  • Local Guilds For Your City or Country: For developing NEAR communities in your local hub - this might include meetups, hackathons, organizing events at a university or incubator, or simply going out for some beers at the end of the week.

  • Business Development / Event Focused Guilds: If you come from an industry that could be disrupted by an open-source distributed computing platform like NEAR - or the many dApps built on top of it - you can focus your Guild around helping developers and founders break into new markets. From networking events, to providing business leads or new users, the opportunity pool is vast and only expanding.

In many ways, NEAR Guilds are poised to become a lot like a digital town of sorts: With common ideals and future goals, Guilds are able to work together, build new connections, create innovative products and services, make deals with one another, and jumpstart development on the Open Web.

Once you have got some sort of idea of a type of Guild you might be interested in creating and growing within the NEAR Ecosystem, it’s time to start thinking about other considerations for your Guild:

  • What is the ideal size you hope to grow your Guild up to?

  • How will new members be rewarded? / How will bounties be split?

  • What Core Services will you provide, and what type of projects or people are you interested in collaborating with?

  • What kind of people would you like to attract to join your Guild?

  • What other Guilds would you like to partner with on certain projects or bounties?

Get Started on Your Guild: Step by Step

With a clear idea of the type, focus, and direction you would like to take your Guild, it’s an easy couple of steps to register your Guild and start building!

Step 1: Head over to https://near.org/guilds/ and click ‘Apply Now’.

Step 2: You’ll be asked to provide the following information, as a Guild leader, in order to receive rewards and start growing your community:

  • Full Legal Name.

  • Email Address.

  • City and Country.

  • A Short Answer describing the Goal, Topic, and Format of Your Community.

  • A Short Answer on How the NEAR Community can Help You in Your Goals.

  • A description of how your proposed Guild can help benefit the NEAR Ecosystem.

  • A List of Three Initiatives You Will Take On To Engage People in Your Community.

  • Any final information you would like to share.

Step 3: As the Guild Program is only getting started, there may be a delay from your application registration until you are contacted and ask to set up your Guild in the NEAR portal.

This is a good time to start building out initial content or service offerings, reaching out to other Guilds to collaborate, and conversing with potential collaborators on Discord or Telegram. If you are planning on launching a community around your Guild it is also a good time to create a Reddit page, Telegram group, or any other digital space for your Guild to reside.

Step 4: Onboard to the portal, and start building!


The NEAR Guild Program is a long-term initiative meant to foster sustainable and robust Ecosystem development: This is a marathon, not a sprint! While hype and euphoria often drive interest in emerging industries, the NEAR Guild program is focused on primarily Building the future of the Open Web in a collaborative fashion with support from one another. Welcome all Creatives, Developers, Content Creators, Business Developers, and Community Leaders - Let’s get Building!

If you are interested in starting your own Guild don’t hesitate to fill out a registration form at https://near.org/guilds/.



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