The Flux Protocol Architecture: Open Markets For Everyone!

🚀 100 - 80,000 Transactions per Second: Built on the NEAR Blockchain

👨‍💻 Apps in 3 Lines of Code: For creating, managing, disputing, and closing open-markets!

💸 Liquidity Provider Opportunities: 250M $FLUX in total, to be airdropped to liquidity providers through the Flux AMM.

⚙️ Flux Beta Program for Devs and Founders: $50k FLUX to projects launching with us on MainNet.

🎉 Flux Social Incentive Program for Committed Community Members and NEAR Guilds.

🧙‍♂️ Unique Facets of Flux?

  • Public Permissionless Open Markets: Create a Market on Anything, with no limits and no gatekeepers.

  • No Loss Market Dynamics: Use open-interest as collateral to predict outcomes in markets with no loss on the underlying stake!

  • Complete Customization on Market Dynamics: Decide what can be predicted, how much can be bet, and who is best suited for a particular market niche!

  • Fast Setup, Scale-Up and Resolution Dynamics: Build your market in three lines of code, define the timeframe, and expect resolutions to be finalized in between 30 minutes and 24 hours.

  • Less than 0.01 Cent Fees! Trading on Flux means miniscule fees, and fast transaction times - plain and simple.

To get started on Flux, don’t hesitate to get in touch on Telegram, or sign up for the Social Incentive, Beta, or Liquidity provider incentive Programs! Open-Markets are only just getting started - There has never been a better time to get started.



Originally we kicked off as a one man project. As soon as the spread the word about NEAR Protocol, we decided to gather our strengths and form 4NTS Guild.


We believe NEAR is building something unique, and took the best of both worlds: combining best practices of centralized and decentralized businesses.


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