Why Build on Flux? Developer Incentives and the New Frontier of Open-Markets

Flux Protocol is one of the fastest growing open-market protocols in all of crypto, and definitely the one with the most potential: Built on NEAR, and only recently having launched its Mainnet, a number of teams are already building verticals on Flux. As a developer you may be wondering why you should consider building on Flux?

Let’s get into it:

Understanding The Power Of Flux:

In a previous article, we discussed Flux and its potential. The fast facts include:

  • A total addressable market of over $12 Trillion US dollars.

  • Liquidity Incentives For Yielding Flux and Bolstering Ecosystem Participation

  • No Loss Market Dynamics

  • A Robust Crypto-Economy Built Around the Flux Token.

Meanwhile, the reason why developers are flocking to start building on Flux, is because the development process is straightforward and the market potential is massive:

In Three Lines of Code Any Developer can Use the Flux Javascript SDK To Connect Any App to Flux Market Mechanics and the Flux Oracle to Create a Market For Their Vertical.

The Flux App is Open-Sourced on GitHub For Developers To Make Use Of And Modify For Their Specific Marketplace

Developers Building in the Flux Beta Program are Eligible to Receive Up To $50k in FLUX Tokens

Market Opportunities Are Ever Expanding Across Traditional Finance and Derivatives, Sports, World Events, Political Elections and More!

It’s for these reasons that EIGHT professional teams are ALREADY building on FLUX before the protocol has fully launched, and FLUX tokens have even hit the market. What these eight early projects on Flux demonstrate - which is something other developers can take particular note of - is that Flux protocol is extremely Flexible in accommodating different applications of open-marketplace data: Be it for the corporate no-loss marketplaces of professional sports building on ARterra, or the retail traders interest in Weather Derivatives, or as a political market maker looking to help the public call the next election.

Get Started Today:

If you are a developer, an entrepreneur, or in touch with other developers and entrepreneurs, there is no better time than today, to introduce them to Flux. In its current stage of development, joining the Flux Beta program is a perfect way to jumpstart the development of your open-marketplace in only three lines of code! To sign up start here!



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